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We are entering the last few weeks of the competition and need your help! We are currently in 35th position and need to stay in the top 80 to progress to the next round. As one of the very few Irish entrants, please support us in winning the biggest start up competition in the world.

The Judges for the Grand Final have been announced…


In business, numbers speak for themselves – and #VOOM 2016 is doing the business. Over 1 million people have viewed our launch film, over half a million votes have been cast, over 7,000 businesses have entered, and over £50,000 has been raised in crowdfunding.

So if you want to see two young Irish entrepreneurs do Ireland proud on the world stage get voting…..https://www.vmbvoom.com/pitches/golfbirdie-pitch-1

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We re very excited to announce the launch of GolfBirdie Exclusive Members Club. All you have to do is sign up to our newsletter now!

What do exclusive members receive?

  1. Free Sign up Gift.
  2. You will receive a link to a members only video demo of the GolfBirdie App
  3. Monthly Offers with up to 75% off Green fees and all the best golfing equipment.
  4. Free Lifetime Membership.

GolfBirdie Exclusive Members Club is Free until June 2016 after this if you want to join you will have to pay a fee. Once you join for free now you will never have to pay anything again!

Simply sign up at the bottom of the page…Limited free places available.

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Exclusive preview of our App…

Vale do lobo

How GolfBirdie helps both Amateurs and Pros?

Everyone know that there is nothing worse than arriving at a golf course and not knowing your way around…so what do you do? Go to the pro shop and spend between €5-10 on a stroke saver which has a still image guide of the course… NO!

Simply download the FREE GolfBirdie App search your favourite course and have a birds eye view of every hole.

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For top level Golfer and pros, the usual practice is to visit a course a few days before a competition and play a practice round. Speaking from my experience playing at a high level we used to play two even three balls on each hole because we didn’t know where the best position was until we played the hole. With Golf Birdie, you can use the HD Drone videos in a practice round to eliminate this and allow you to concentrate on your yardages and other info.

For the everyday amateur, everything that can help your score is a benefit, so GolfBirdie is going to save you valuable shot every round.

Travelling and playing golf has changed forever. With GolfBirdie users simply download the App search their favourite course and get a birds eye view of every hole. Using advanced drone technology we revolutionised the way you view and book golf. When you find a course, you would like to play simply click the flag and book your tee time. Looking for direction? Just click the map pin and you will be guided via Google Maps.

Heading away to play golf don’t just play where the tour operator tells you to see for yourself by watching our videos, giving you a view never before available. The newsfeed like scrolling provides you with hours of enjoyment view the world best courses from above.

We have courses from Portugal, Ireland and the USA so you have plenty of courses to choose from when deciding where to play….

Take a sneak peak at some of the amazing courses signed up tp the GolfBridie App…

App new courses 2

We aim to bring golfers and golf courses together to provide a hassle free quick service that has simplified the whole process for both. The App is completely free to download. So if you are a golfer or golf club, GolfBirdie is perfect for your every need. We are bringing golf to the modern era and making it more enjoyable for beginners and pros.

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GolfBirdie Courses






GolfBirdie’s Journey- US Team


Skay Camera UAV

Get to know the amazing GolfBirdie US Team

Sky Camera Aerial Images, LLC, a Florida based company, is a world leader in remotely controlled unmanned aerial filming and photography.  Our aerial cinema crews bring the perfect balance of flying skills and film knowledge to all our flight operations worldwide.  We work with some of the biggest brands worldwide on series productions, television commercials and documentaries, music videos, corporate, short and feature films.

Our primary focus is in cinematography.  We place a strong emphasis on the aesthetics of the frames captured and of dynamic motion.  This cinematography knowledge is complimented with state of the art expertise in remote control flight. It is this combination that allows a true artistry in capturing unforgettable images.

Our company’s international reach has most recently allowed us to collaborate along side IFA Media – Singapore on the current production of National Geographic Wild’s Monster Fish series with host Zeb Hogan.  Other current projects include Comfort Inn and Suites and up coming P1 AquaX Jet Ski Racing broadcast coverage.

We have introduced new techniques and technology to aerial drone cinematography that have been designed to capture the unachievable shot. Our highly talented Director of Photography has worked on the sets of many Hollywood Motion Pictures with some of the biggest names in the business.

We specialize in all types of aerial photography including commercial and high-end residential real estate, tourism, sports, concert events and corporate branding. We shoot all styles including panoramic, oblique, 3D, Virtual Reality composite and landscape with only the world’s best lens and camera combinations.

In 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), granted Sky Camera Aerial Images, LLC the permission to operate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to conduct commercial work within the United States.  This authorization included standard aerial imaging of real estate, industrial asset and power structure inspections, construction and agriculture surveying.  A grant was also given for closed-set filming for the motion picture industry while operating in accordance of FAA regulations and within the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) safety procedures protocol.

Management Biography.  

Sky Camera Aerial Images, LLC – We’re a team of dynamic individuals with the aspiration of turning imaginations into exceptional images. 

Founder/President.  The company’s Founder and President, Darrell Richmond, brings to the company over three decades of consulting, management, sales and marketing experience.  His educational background in Geological Studies at the University of Pittsburgh lead to a highly successful consulting career in the Oil and Gas industries.  During the 1980’s, Mr. Richmond consulted for some of the world’s top oil producers that would include the likes of Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil, Marathon Petroleum, Conoco Phillips, Cities Service and Diamond Shamrock.  In the mid1990’s he ventured into real estate industry where he spent 17 years in sales, marketing and management.  In 2004 he embarked into the Health and Wellness industry until founding his current company, Sky Camera Aerial Images, LLC.

Director of Photography.  Our company’s DP, Bill Marsh is a graduated from IUPUI Indiana Purdue University/ Commercial Arts, Drafting and Design.  A United States Army Veteran Communication Specialist.  Worked in Hollywood in the motion picture industry with some of the biggest names in the industry throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Mr. Marsh was directly involved in the production of many major motion pictures, several television series and many popular TV commercials produced during this time.  His talents in film production brings to our company and eye for the creative.  It’s his vision that creates the unforgettable images that we capture in our work.

Flight Engineer/UAV Pilot.  Levi Marsh, is a graduate of WTI School of Computer Engineering and is an accomplished UAV pilot.  As the company’s flight engineer, he over see’s all UAV system operations and all FAA maintenance records. As the team’s lead UAV pilot, Levi has logged hundreds of hours in UAV flight time and has participated in NASA’s flight simulator program.  He also works designing the company’s computer systems.

We are very excited to bring GolfBirdie to US golf clubs and golfers at such and early stage and hope to change the way golf tourists experience a round of Golf. Don’t forget to subscribe to follow our journey with our weekly blog posts and videos.

GolfBirdies Journey- Virgin Media VOOM 2016


GolfBirdie’s journey…..

As we get ever closer to the launch of GolfBirdie’s global app things are getting very exciting and to be honest a bit surreal. Ever since we entered the Virgin Media Business competition things have really started to snowball…it could be the best thing we have ever done….

Its been a long road since we came up with the idea and the app has finally been finished after a long 7 months of development. The App will be released this summer.

Since the very start we have had a great response from both the golf and drone industry. Starting in Ireland signing up some of the top courses such as Old Head Kinsale and Waterville golf links. It came as a surprise when we then got the chance to expand to Portugal bringing on board some outstanding courses such as European Tour Venue’s The Oceanico Victoria and the breathtaking Vale Do Lobo resort.

GolfBirdie has now opened a second office located in Tampa, Florida. We have partnered with an amazing company Sky Camera UAV who have done work on many National Geographic productions and Hollywood Films.

Being a part of the Virgin Media Voom 2016 has now opened so many doors for us and the publicity we have received from major publications such as the Huffington post and industryandbusiness.ie are invaluable for a start-up like us. We believe winning this competition would be a major turning point for GolfBirdie and help us help Golfers all over the world enjoy their round that bit better.

After the first week of the competition we were flown by Virgin Media to London to participate in the photoshoot for the competition press release. It was great to get to meet the organisers of the competition and some of the businesses we were up against. After a long day walking around with an oversized iPhone we did feel like we were recording an episode of trigger happy tv!

Keep an eye on our exciting journey over the next few months with our weekly blogs and videos. We are really looking forward to get in front of the judges in the next round and get our pitch out, while becoming a part of a guinness world record which is pretty cool!

Getting to the next round is decided by public vote so if you haven’t already voted please do and get your friends and family to do the same, don’t worry all voters will be rewarded with alcoholic beverages so make sure to hit us up next time you see us in the pub! (We have a list so don’t chance your arm!!)

Here is a link if your ready to give a helping hand: https://www.vmbvoom.com/pitches/golfbirdie-pitch-1