Andrew “BEEF” Johnston | Top 5 Funny FACTS


Where do we start? Since making his famous post-round comments after winning The “Open de España” about wanting to “go home and get hammered with his mates and see his mum”, BEEF has become nothing short of a LEGEND!

He is just a genuine bloke living the dream. The more we find out the better it gets!! Here are the Top 5  BEEF FACTS

  1. He has a twin on the tour 😉


2) He has the best hole in one celebration on the tour! I’d probably do the same if I won a BMW.

Best reaction ever to a hole in one! Chest bump!

— Andrew’BEEF’Johnston (@BeefGolf) May 21, 2015


This one wasn’t too bad either…



3) The Obvious! Best Nickname on Tour! Here is how he got it. 



4) He has even got a Travel Mug with his face on it! haha



5) Last but not least…..Best Dance Moves on Tour haha



There you have it folks! Be sure to follow “BEEF” on twitter @beefgolf.

OK one more! haha

Ever wondered how far a pro golfer can hit a cheese burger? Neither have I, but just in case you want to know here you go…..



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G.O.L.F stands for Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden!!

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

a Nimaho

Guest post by: Niamh Caffrey

Stereotypically speaking, G.O.L.F stands for Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Golf among women is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, with even A list celebrities trying their hand at the game.

Recently women’s golf had another great victory,



Celebrities have envious wardrobes overflowing with designer clothes and expensive handbags, not to mention their extensive collection of mouth-watering shoes, and I am not just talking about golf shoes.


As we all know, celebrities have a hectic lifestyle full of lavish events and glamorous parties, but that doesn’t stop them from getting out on the course for a game or two.


Strictly speaking, golf is not my FORE-te -pardon the pun, however these female celebrities do not only look stylish on the golf course, they also have impressive handicaps.


1) Catherine Zeta Jones



Catherine Zeta Jones is fairly handy at the game, playing off 24. The Welsh actress is best known for her roles in The Mask of Zoro and Entrapment. She has played in Pro Ams all around the world and enjoys playing golf with husband Michael Douglas.


2) Celine Dion



Celine Dion, famously known for her song “My Heart Will Go On”, which is the theme song for the epic romance film Titanic, plays off 17. Dion also owns the Le Mirage Golf Club in Montreal Canada.


3) Jane Seymour



Jane Seymour, known for her roles in James Bond Live and Let Die, and Wedding Crashers, plays off 25. She is a member of Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California.

4) Jessica Alba



Not just a pretty face, Jessica Alba, who is well known for her roles in Sin City and Fantastic Four, is no stranger to the golf course, playing off 22. Don’t we just love her even more!


5) Cameron Diaz



Cameron Diaz, who is, well, in so many leading roles we couldn’t possibly list them all! Diaz plays of 34 and was reportedly introduced to the game by her then boyfriend, Justin Timberlake (sigh).


6) Sharon Stone



Sharon Stone, infamous for her role in Basic Instinct, has a handicap of 28. She finds golf “extremely healing” and uses it to “alleviate stress”. Just another reason to get out for a game.

7) Eva Longoria


Eva Longoria, best known as Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives, is a great sport when it comes to golf, regularly attending George Lopez’s annual golf classic competition. Could she be anymore fabulous?!

So there you have it folks. There is plenty of room for women in the golfing community. If these A-listers can pull it off, what’s stopping us? So grab your clubs, and head out for a game. As they say, a bad day on the golf course is still better than a good day at the office.




Credit and sources- stone

Rory’s 405 Yard Drive at age 15 |


Even at 15 Rory McIlroy, was unstoppable! I was lucky enough to witness this amazing drive, in my home course “The Island Golf Club”. We watched on in amazement as a young Rory made the par five 10th look like a small par four, smashing the ball past the last bunker. The drive was his longest drive ever in competition until recently.

Hole 10 the Island is the hole below.

The island hole 10

Rory has since spoken of the drive in an interview,

“Q. What’s the longest drive you’ve hit in competition?

RORY MCILROY: I hit one when I was 15 at the Island Golf Club 405 or something.

Q. Where was that?

RORY MCILROY: The Island Golf Club near Dublin.”

Click here to see the full interview, on the Wells Fargo Championship website.  Also check out the story on The Island Golf Club website.

Rory McIlroy, has since broken this record with this amazing strike.

For more news on Golf in Ireland,

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If you haven’t already see it check out our British Open Infographic below.

British Open Infographic | 5 amazing facts you didn’t know!

Info Golf

The Open Championship has been held at Troon on eight occasions. Six of the eight times it has been won by an American. Including Arnold Palmer in 1962 and Tom Watson in 1982. Get those bets on!

Harry Vardon (above), famously known as the inventor of the Vardon or overlapping grip — the most commonly used in golf today — holds the record for most British Open wins with six (1896, 1898, 1899, 1903, 1911, 1914).

The oldest winner of the British Open is “Old” Tom Morris (left), who was 46 when he won in 1867. The youngest was his son, “Young” Tom Morris (right), who was 17 when he won the following year.

Gary Player won the British open in 1959, ’68, and ’74 (above) — making him the only golfer in the 20th century to win the Open in three different decades.

Royal Troon is home to the shortest hole in Open Championship golf. Regarded as one of the top holes in the world, the par-3 8th hole (“Postage Stamp”) measures a scant 123 yards (112 m), but its diminutive green measures a mere 420 square feet (39 m2).

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