Watch | How do Titleist make Golf Balls?

Titleist Create The World’s First Completely Flat Green and Chipping Robot To Test The New ProV 1


The Manchester Lane Test Facility is Titleist’s state-of-the-art golf ball research and testing facility in Acushnet, Massachusetts. Tasked with advancing the techniques used to analyze and validate golf ball performance and upholding a commitment to product and process excellence, Manchester Lane continues to facilitate Titleist’s year-round R&D efforts. Today, Manchester Lane operates as the proving grounds for all Titleist golf ball products and serves a dual role as a Tour Fitting Center, offering premium club fitting services.

Continuous improvement is a core value at Titleist, and we are constantly working to improve our testing processes by building new and innovative ways to measure performance.

The process is amazing from start to finish…. Watch how the make a Pro V followed by the testing on the completly flat green!

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Here is the video of the perfect shot machine used to create the same shot every time and allow them to see exactly what happens!





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Ryder Cup Board Game ⛳️

Full History Stats and all you need to know ahead of the final day of the Ryder Cup 🏆 So here it is! The Ryder Cup Board Game created by the @GolfChannel. Enjoy ⛳️🏌🇪🇺 

It may be from 2012 but it has all the Facts🏆

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Sunday | Ryder Cup Singles matches and news ⛳️

The match we can’t wait to see is….

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Ryder Cup | Top Fan Funny Tweets

Hate that….

I don’t think Shooter McGavin could even handle these crowds….

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There was even a shank today! Anything can happen in the Ryder CUP!

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