Callaway Customs | Pro customisation now open to everyone!

Callaway Customs 

Callaway has opened up some features that were previously only available to tour pro’s.

Callaway Custom

We have all seen the great custom clubs and head covers that most pros like to use. I dunno about you but we have always wanted the owl initials on a wedge or putter.


That is some serious customisation! How about putting your own touch on a Callaway Epic Driver. Shop now. 

8 Color Options

2 Color Zones

64 Possible Combinations


Next up custom Golf Balls. Click here to shop now.

Callaway Custom

If that’s not enough to get you excited, there is also some awesome limited edition “Callaway Customs” merchandise. So head over to the Callway Customs site and order yours today. Shop now. 

We hope you enjoyed. Thanks GolfBirdie.

Callaway Custom

Have any questions? Check out Callaway Customs great FAQ section. Click here. 

We’re guessing there are gonna be a few questions about our newest, coolest product initiative, Callaway Customs. In an effort to be as helpful as possible, we put together this list of what we think will be the most common questions.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, hit us up on Twitter, this Callaway Community thread, or the comments below and we’ll be sure to help you out.

Q: I see there are a lot of color options…so what are they?
A: Paint fill options include: blue, baby blue, yellow, lime green, dark green, gold, red, orange, black gloss, white, pink, and purple.
Weight ports options include: blue, yellow, green, dark green, red, orange, silver, black gloss.

Q: What are the stamping options?
A: Okay ready [deep inhale]…A-Z, “.” “!” “@” “#” “$” “?” “ ‘ “ “:” 0-9, heart, skull and cross bones, dollar sign, star, four leaf clover, and lightning bolt. [Exhale.]

Click here to shop now.

Hardest 9 holes in golf! Win $1000 if you break par.

Billionaire GoDaddy founder, and owner of PXG golf, Bob Parsons bought Scottsdale National golf course, and he’s done something very interesting with it.

Along with the guys over at Jackson Kahn Design, Pearson has created “The Bad Little Nine”

“They [the designers] said to me, `You know Mr. Parsons, if we’re going to do this, you’ve got to have a theme for the course that gives people a reason to play it. We can’t think of a better theme than making it incredibly difficult…They were dead right. This was all their idea.”

Erik Matuszewski, a writer for Forbes, had the opportunity to play this little gem with, “an entertaining group that included ex-professional caddie Michael Collins, now with ESPN; Tony Covey, the editor at MyGolfSpy; and one-time LPGA player Anna Rawson, who remains a PXG ambassador.”

He explains, that on a Friday the pins are especially hard and this is the day that the $1000 offer for breaking par is in play. 

“The Friday holes are in their most devilish positions, often on top of knolls tucked behind a bunker or on a slope. PGA Tour player Pat Perez, a club member and member of the PXG troops, has talked matter-of-factly about taking his 15th shot from a bunker on one of the holes.”

And amazingly not one person has claimed the prize!

“The Bad Little Nine is even set up to be played at night. There are little solar-powered lights on the tee boxes, adjacent to the PXG tee markers. The carts have a bar of powerful lithium-powered lights on the roof and can be driven right up onto the tee box to illuminate the hole. There are also solar lights near the green itself, identifying where the cart can be positioned to shine its bright beam on the putting surface.

Day or night, the course is an absolute blast to play. You can play it quickly and there are no real club choices, as every hole is basically a wedge.”


Killeen Castle | Dave Pelz short game academy.

Killeen Castle is the first European home to the Dave Pelz Scoring Game School. Pelz, who coaches top players like Phil Mickelson, has teamed up with Killeen Castle to build a world-class, 11 acre teaching facility with USPGA-standard greens, bunkers, aprons and hitting areas designed by Pelz to perfectly simulate championship golf conditions.

Dave Pelz has dedicated the past 35 years to studying the game, revealing better ways for golfers to practice and play, and coaching some of the best players in the world on their short game and putting. Ten of Pelz’s professional students, includ-ing current star-pupil Phil Mickelson, have won a total of 19 majors. His namesake golf schools brings Pelz’s proven golf instruction to players of every skill level.

To book a lesson click here

Facebook Messenger now supports group payments

So you could organise your next lads golf holiday via messenger. It allows users to pay either everyone in the group or individual members through a click of the payments icon (the dollar sign).

What’s App won’t be too far behind, if the last few months are anything to go by.

Golf group booking

Last year Facebook released one to one payments, allowing you to pay a friend directly via the app. But this is a whole different level.

Organising group payment is a massive head ache, especially when heading away on a golfing trip. Slip the bill at a restaurant or run your skins competion all through Facebook.

Group payments is live starting today in the U.S. The feature is available on Android and desktop, initially. Let’s hope it doesn’t take too long to be released in Ireland. But for our American customer’s can get going with group payment right away, letting you organise your next golf trip to Ireland.

Visiting Ireland to play golf? Want to organise a group booking?

Well Charlesland Golf Club have a great society offer at the moment, for as little as €25 per person. To book contact us today at

Check out our previous article below, click the image below…

golf group booking

Golf group booking.

Organise a group booking anywhere in Ireland, just contact us today at

Masters 2017 Yardage Book

Masters Yardage Book.

The yardage book has been a part of golf for a long time now. Giving players the necessary detail to navigate a course and shoot a better score.

Check out Arnie’s Masters Yardage Book

Masters Yardage Book

So what we have done at GolfBirdie is modernise this approach….taking the old paper maps and replacing them with high definition drone videos.

Like the Masters yardage book it usually cost somewhere between $9-$10 per course.

Masters Yardage book

With GolfBirdie you get a guide to over 72 clubs in 7 countries all for FREE.

Not only can you view the courses before during or after your round of golf. You can book your round and get directions to the course.

Book golf like never before with GolfBirdie.

Sick of looking at still images when booking a green fee or trying to decide what golf course to play?

With GolfBirdie golfers can view and book golf like never before. Watch a promotional video for each course, along with a drone video of each hole. Allowing you to get a real feel for the course when deciding where to play or planning a golf trip.

GolfBirdie is designed to be used before during and after your round of golf.

Simply Download the free app.

Golf course drone video Ireland

Golf course drone video Ireland

Browse through some of the world’s top golf courses with our newsfeed like scrolling system,

Golf course drone video Ireland

View the promotional video of each course, which showcases the course and their facilities,

Promo Video

Book Golf

Decide you want to book a green fee? Simply Click the flag to reveal your booking options,


So you have booked your round and you are ready to play. Why not log on the night before and view a drone video each hole of the course helping you improve your score or even while you are standing on a dogleg left and wondering what is around the corner. ‘It’s the modern Stroke Saver”



Golf course drone video Ireland

Watch an example hole…

On holiday and fancy a game of golf? Search nearby courses using our distance indicator.

Golf course drone video Ireland

After you have returned home from your golf trip or you just want to show off your home club to some friends. You have all of these beautiful videos in your pocket. Download now.

Golf course drone video Ireland

Download GolfBirdie free on the App Store and Google Play Store, Download now.

We aim to enhance your golfing experience from start to finish and to change the way you book golf.


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