Top 5 Golf Courses Dublin | HD Drone Videos

Let’s take a look at the top 5 golf courses Dublin has to offer.

Top 5 Golf Courses Dublin

5. Roganstown Golf Club

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4. Balcarrick Golf Club

Download the GolfBirdie App & View HD Drone videos of the world’s top golf courses. 

Top 5 Golf Courses Dublin

3. Castleknock Golf Club

2. Corballis Golf Links

Download the GolfBirdie App & View HD Drone videos of the world’s top golf courses. 

So what course has made it to the #1 spot in the Top 5 golf courses Dublin.

  1. The Island Golf Club

There you have it, the Top 5 Golf Courses Dublin. What do you think? Want to nominate a courses DM us on Instagram by clicking here. 

top 5 golf courses Dublin

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“The PGA EuroPro Tour season draws to a close next week with the Sky Sports Tour Championship at Amendoeira Golf Resort in Portugal, as the year’s top 60 golfers go toe-to-toe to land one of five coveted Challenge Tour cards for 2018.” Euro Pro Tour

The top five players on the Race To Amendoeira Order of Merit at the end of the tournament will earn progression to the second-tier Challenge Tour, but with £22,500 going to the Sky Sports Tour Championship winner, any one of the players could earn promotion.

Tricky opening hole!

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A lot of ground to cover with your tee shot on the third.


Other holes to note.

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Trumps new wall in Ireland | Made out of straw!

“US President Donald Trump’s Doonbeg resort survived the destruction caused by Storm Ophelia by building a wall of straw around the golf course.

The Trump International Golf Links and Hotel in Doonbeg, Co Clare reported no damage after the storm left behind a trail of destruction in the south.” reports

Golf | Has your course survived #ophelia

Golf Courses Damaged by Hurricane

Over 360,000 properties are without power, including golf clubs and three people have died as Hurricane Ophelia sweeps in over Ireland with damaging gusts and heavy rainfall.

It’s feared that a number of courses on the west coast will be badly damaged. Golf courses don’t do too well in hurricanes.

Killarney Golf Club

golf golf



If your course has been damaged send us your photos. Send pictures to Instagram. Click Here.

Hurricane Ophelia could cause up to €1.5bn  worth of damage to Ireland according to a leading disaster analyst.

Ophelia, which is set to be one of the most powerful storms to reach Ireland in over 50 years, will reach winds speeds of up to 150kmph in parts of the country.

The hurricane is expected to cause power outages as well as disruption to businesses and is estimated to cause €1.5bn in damage.It had previously been estimated to cost around €676m in damage, but this figure has been more than doubled due to the storm’s intensity holding up over night.

Lets see how the courses hold up!


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App new courses 2

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The Island Golf Club

Waterville Golf Links

Killarney Golf Resort

Castleknock Golf Club

The Heritage Resort

Carne Golf Links

Charlesland Golf Links

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WATCH: Tiger Woods hits golf balls for small group at his invitational

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Anyone else starting to think we haven’t seen the last of GOAT!?

Part of me wants to see him return, but also it would be a disaster for him to come back and make a show of himself.

What do you think?

9,000-yard courses and restricted equipment? | Watch Hickory Club Pro Tracer

Is it time for a change? 9,000-yard courses and restricted equipment? Or are records made to be broken?

Gary’s comments have sparked a debate about the problem we have all seen coming. With the equipment today, courses that were once feared have seen players casually drive greens and smash course records.

One of the reasons was a new courses record and Rory Mcilroy’s wonder drive at 18,

But is is not the first time this has happened. Tiger almost had a hole in one 7 years ago on 18!

So as we said this has been a long time coming but has it been ignored? What do you think should be done? Or should we just let the game develop at this outrageous rate? Join in the conversation on our Instagram page by clicking here.

What about going back to hickory clubs…how would the pro’s of today hold up with no technology?

The Old Course has already been significantly lengthened once, prior to the 2010 British Open. That year, Rory McIlroy shot 63 at the Open, and in the next five editions of the Dunhill Links six players carded rounds of 62.

Golfweek‘s Geoff Shackelford addressed Player’s comments on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive on Monday morning, and said he thinks that we could see equipment being regulated by governing bodies at some point.

“I think that those kinds of rounds get the attention of a lot of people and make them wonder if something’s out of balance and if the skill factor has changed,” Shackelford said. “And I think when you look at the numbers this year, where we are with distance spikes, and then you combined things like this, it certainly gives them something more to point maybe to the person who’s kind of wondering if this is a good thing or not.

“And they’ve been very quiet lately, so my suspicions are up that I think the discussions are going on.”

Dude Perfect Golf FACE OFF | Jon Rahm & Wesley Bryan

Tyler and Garrett tee off against professional golfer Jon Rahm, announced by special guest Wesley Bryan.

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Want to improve your golf game? Watch Below!