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9,000-yard courses and restricted equipment? | Watch Hickory Club Pro Tracer

Is it time for a change? 9,000-yard courses and restricted equipment? Or are records made to be broken?

Gary’s comments have sparked a debate about the problem we have all seen coming. With the equipment today, courses that were once feared have seen players casually drive greens and smash course records.

One of the reasons was a new courses record and Rory Mcilroy’s wonder drive at 18,

But is is not the first time this has happened. Tiger almost had a hole in one 7 years ago on 18!

So as we said this has been a long time coming but has it been ignored? What do you think should be done? Or should we just let the game develop at this outrageous rate? Join in the conversation on our Instagram page by clicking here.

What about going back to hickory clubs…how would the pro’s of today hold up with no technology?

The Old Course has already been significantly lengthened once, prior to the 2010 British Open. That year, Rory McIlroy shot 63 at the Open, and in the next five editions of the Dunhill Links six players carded rounds of 62.

Golfweek‘s Geoff Shackelford addressed Player’s comments on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive on Monday morning, and said he thinks that we could see equipment being regulated by governing bodies at some point.

“I think that those kinds of rounds get the attention of a lot of people and make them wonder if something’s out of balance and if the skill factor has changed,” Shackelford said. “And I think when you look at the numbers this year, where we are with distance spikes, and then you combined things like this, it certainly gives them something more to point maybe to the person who’s kind of wondering if this is a good thing or not.

“And they’ve been very quiet lately, so my suspicions are up that I think the discussions are going on.”