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Breaking! | Rory Mcilroy’s new caddie | Exclusive Access

You herad it here first, Rory Mcilroy’s new caddie is….



Or could it be a return of



On a more serious note, it looks like long time friend Harry Diamond will take the bag this week.



What do we know about Harry?


“Along with Rick McCormick and Mitchell Tweedie, Harry Diamond has been a close pal of McIlroy’s since the early days in Holywood.

Indeed, after missing the cut in last year’s British Open, McIlroy met up with the lads to get away from it all and clear his head.

“It’s something I haven’t done for a long time and something I will definitely do more often,” said McIlroy at the time. “It was needed.”

Diamond caddied for McIlroy at the par three contest at Augusta in 2011 when the pair shared a house with Tweedie and McCormick for the week.”

But who will be the full time replacement? Could it be Bones? Listen to big Phill saying that bones will have a great opportunity to caddie for some great golfers.

Who do you think it could be? Let’s check out the odds with paddy power.


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