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Golf Course Managers! Market your course like it’s 2019.

Attract more visitors to your course!

GolfBirdie is the first tee to green flyover guide of the world’s top golf courses. “It’s the modern course guide”. 

1) Users simply download the free app.
2) Search their favourite course.
3) Watch a drone video of every hole.

“No more buying a course guide at each course”

GolfBirdie helps you plan a golf trip anywhere in the world. No more looking at still images to decide where you would like to play. Each course has a 4k promotional video giving you the ability to see a course like never before.

What do we do for your Club?

We film a 4K tee to green flyover of your course, all of which will be included on our global app.

The promotional video captures the true beauty of your course and its main features, providing great advertising material for your website, social media and TV advertisements. Being a part of GolfBirdie not only connects you but opens up a whole new market of potential customers planning golf trips to Ireland and puts your club in the spot light. 

Our app presents golf courses in a whole new light, making it easy for golf clubs to promote their courses and facilities and for players to get a real understanding of what each course has to offer them.

Contact us today to arrange a date for filming, dean@golfbirdie.ie

What you will receive?

  1. Full HD drone video of your course, facilities and full 1-18 hole tee to green video guide.
  2. 20+ High quality still images.
  3. Global exposure across our App, Facebook and Instagram, with some of our videos reaching over 250K people.
  4. Ultimate support marketing your club in a modern way.
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