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GolfBirdie selected for “Google’s Adopt a Start-up 2017”

We are delighted to announce that GolfBirdie has been chosen from some of Ireland’s Best Startup’s, to be a part of Google’s Adopt a startup program.

“This is a hugely beneficial programme for Irish start-ups,” said Google Ireland’s Paddy Flynn.Goolge adopt a startup

“The types of start-ups we are looking for, and who will benefit the most from participation, are those in business for more than one year, with a strategy in place for acquiring new customers and already generating revenue.

“They will be thinking globally and rapidly scaling their business, or planning to enter into new markets over the first six months in 2017.”

“Since we launched our Adopt a Startup programme 2014, we have worked with almost 100 high potential Irish start-ups and many have gone on to raise significant capital funding and greatly increase their employee numbers,” said Flynn.

Goolge adopt a startup

Google’s Adopt a Startup

Google is on the hunt for start-ups to take part in its “adopt a start-up” programme, with the deadline for applications this Friday.

The 12-week programme will see successful applicants matched with a dedicated Google support team, consisting of a senior Google manager and two Google strategists, to develop their digital strategies.

These Google experts will share their digital knowledge, business acumen and experience with successful start-ups through multiple one-to-one mentoring sessions and a lecture series.

The lecture series, which will take place in Google Ireland’s headquarters, will cover topics such as digital strategy, search quality, website and app usability, Google analytics and Adwords optimisation.

The start-ups will also get the opportunity to pitch their developed digital strategies to members of Google Ireland’s senior leadership and prominent figures in the Irish start-up community at an international final at Google.” Irish Times.

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