21st April 2017 admin

Hardest 9 holes in golf! Win $1000 if you break par.

Billionaire GoDaddy founder, and owner of PXG golf, Bob Parsons bought Scottsdale National golf course, and he’s done something very interesting with it.

Along with the guys over at Jackson Kahn Design, Pearson has created “The Bad Little Nine”

“They [the designers] said to me, `You know Mr. Parsons, if we’re going to do this, you’ve got to have a theme for the course that gives people a reason to play it. We can’t think of a better theme than making it incredibly difficult…They were dead right. This was all their idea.”

Erik Matuszewski, a writer for Forbes, had the opportunity to play this little gem with, “an entertaining group that included ex-professional caddie Michael Collins, now with ESPN; Tony Covey, the editor at MyGolfSpy; and one-time LPGA player Anna Rawson, who remains a PXG ambassador.”

He explains, that on a Friday the pins are especially hard and this is the day that the $1000 offer for breaking par is in play. 

“The Friday holes are in their most devilish positions, often on top of knolls tucked behind a bunker or on a slope. PGA Tour player Pat Perez, a club member and member of the PXG troops, has talked matter-of-factly about taking his 15th shot from a bunker on one of the holes.”

And amazingly not one person has claimed the prize!

“The Bad Little Nine is even set up to be played at night. There are little solar-powered lights on the tee boxes, adjacent to the PXG tee markers. The carts have a bar of powerful lithium-powered lights on the roof and can be driven right up onto the tee box to illuminate the hole. There are also solar lights near the green itself, identifying where the cart can be positioned to shine its bright beam on the putting surface.

Day or night, the course is an absolute blast to play. You can play it quickly and there are no real club choices, as every hole is basically a wedge.”