19th April 2017 admin

Killeen Castle | Dave Pelz short game academy.

Killeen Castle is the first European home to the Dave Pelz Scoring Game School. Pelz, who coaches top players like Phil Mickelson, has teamed up with Killeen Castle to build a world-class, 11 acre teaching facility with USPGA-standard greens, bunkers, aprons and hitting areas designed by Pelz to perfectly simulate championship golf conditions.

Dave Pelz has dedicated the past 35 years to studying the game, revealing better ways for golfers to practice and play, and coaching some of the best players in the world on their short game and putting. Ten of Pelz’s professional students, includ-ing current star-pupil Phil Mickelson, have won a total of 19 majors. His namesake golf schools brings Pelz’s proven golf instruction to players of every skill level.

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