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NEW! Golf Scooter| Shut up and take my money!

Golf Scooter is launching in just a few days and we are excited to bring you exclusive details on the biggest release in Golf this year. We have been waiting for this release for a long time and it’s finally here.



golf scooter The Golfscooter will have a 36 holes range allowing you to enjoy your round without having to run out of battery. With speeds of 20kmh, round times will be reduced.

We spoke to the guy’s over at Golf Scooter and they explained that the scooter actually has less of an impact on the course than a normal buggy, which is good news for green keepers.


The price has not yet been released but it is rumored to be much lower than a traditional buggy allowing golfers to finally have their own mode of transport around the course. No more expensive buggy fees.

For golf clubs this is great news as a shortage of buggies can cause a major headache. Why not change your buggies to golf scooters or have some spare in case all your buggies are booked. Watch a sneak preview below.

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