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Pokemon “Go” / “Golf” | Good or Bad news for Golfers?

If you haven’t already heard of the crazy sensation that is taking over the world again. “Pokemon” is back and coming to a course near you.

“Pokémon Go  is a free-to-playGPS based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. It was initially released in July 2016. The game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world.”


The Geo-locations of the Pokemon are scattered everywhere and it was only a matter of time before some popped up on local courses.







This could finally be the way to encourage younger generations to take up golf. Modern interactive apps are becoming an integral part of sports and something like this may be exactly what we need! Even youtube star @TheReevHD can’t wait to go golfing to discover more Pokemon!!



The interactive game involving walking around and adventuring to find your next Pokemon is a great idea by Nintendo, for once we have a game that encourages outdoor activity among kids. 

At GolfBirdie we are using the same principle of trying to make Golf more fun and entertaining in the modern era. Using the combination of advanced technology, Drones and Apps we hope to provide Golfers young and old with an interactive experience that makes golf easier and more accessible. 

Although some people have raised their concerns that it will lead to trespassing and the interruption of games……well you will always have the party poopers won’t we! Businesses that have been selected as Pokeshops where people can collect new characters are restricting this for paying customers only. This is liklley to be the case with courses and someone even suggested a Pokemon Green Fee hahaha


Well folks there you have it Pokemon GO is taking over the world and we just thought we would warn you in case you come across a “Pikachu” on the 9th this weekend. Its the calm before the storm for Europe as the game has not yet launched. However a few geniusis found out how to use the app in Dublin now!

Here you go the full details on how to get Pokemon GO in Ireland.


1. Log out of your current Apple ID on your iPhone. The fastest way is to open the App Store, click the Featured tab, scroll right to the bottom, tap your Apple ID and hit ‘Sign out’.

2. Go to Settings > General > Language & Region and change the region to the US, Australia or New Zealand.

3. Download any free app and you’ll be prompted to create a new Apple ID. Do so, and select ‘None’ in the billing menu. Add any US/Australia/NZ-based address.

4. Try searching for Pokémon GO again and it should now be there and ready to install. 



1. Download Pokémon Go from an APK download site such as APKPure.com, ideally directly on your phone but, failing that, on a PC (58.1MB file size).

2. If using a PC, attach your phone to the PC via USB and drag the downloaded file to your Downloads folder. On your phone go to Settings > Security and enable installation of apps from unknown sources. Now hit Pokémon Go in your Downloads folder to install the game.

Courtesy of  entertainment.ie full article click here.


Credits- www.golfbirdie.ie,Wiki, Entertainment.ie 

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