6th September 2016 admin

Pro Tracer gone wrong! Pros use Hickory Clubs and the results are well….BAD

The Hickory challange is an amazing concept to see how the modern day pros hold up using clubs made in the 1930’s!

“That challenge remains as fascinating as it was when first introduced. Play it with the clubs it spawned. The cleek, the mashie, the niblick. Play the contours of the land, follow the mindset of Willie Park, Old Tom and Jamie Anderson as they thought their way through the heathers and the whins. Bring intelligence, tactical skills and thought, hole by hole, to your game. It’s played, not in the air, but on the ground, where touch and feel are the watchwords, rather than the hammer. And, as such, it’s a game for all. Which, of course, is where it all began.” …Lionel Freedman

It is a true test of skill, showing how far golf has come and the technology behind it. Making the game easier and more accessible for both Amateurs and Pros.