Watch: This week’s new format explained | Two cut’s? Then match play? European tour new format

European tour new format. This week’s new format explained | Two cut’s? Then match play?

156 Players

3 days of straight play

Standard cut after 36 holes. down to 65 players.

A further cut after 54 holes, down to 24.

Final day of 6 hole match play!!!!!! WOW just WOW, that is going to be unreal to watch.

Watch video for full details.

European tour new format

Is this European Tour new format going to change the game? We think it has a good chance. It will concentrate crowds to six holes on the final day, which will surely create a better atmosphere. It will also be different for the pro’s to go head to head… would remind you of the Fred Daly haha. It will be great practice for the Ryder Cup and they should probably host more matchplay events in the lead up to it.

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European tour new format

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