5th June 2016 admin

Voom2016 who will make the semi final? 

What an amazing experience at the Pitchathon! The green room was set up amazing with some amazing companies sharing their products. 

There was a certain tension in the room as all the companies waited to pitch. 

“We were called into the pre pitch room and greeted with some great last minute words of advice by virgin media staff.” https://www.vmbvoom.com

It was a surreal experience meeting all of the other creative business. It’s great to see so many good business coming from both the UK and Ireland. GolfBirdie

As always the Virgin Media staff hosted a great event. 

We left everything out there and hopefully it was enough to get us to the next round. Keep an eye on our social media for an update on Tuesday morning. 

Thank you for your support ☘⛳️ subscribe to follow our journey. GolfBirdie

Screenshot to add GolfBirdie on snapchat for behind the seceded videos.